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"Your premier source for Montana Moss Rock"

Venture Stone, LLC

Montana Moss Rock Thin Veneer

Venture Stone Thin veneer

We process full bed depth stone into thin veneer. Montana Moss Rock thin veneer is natural stone but, at a much more manageable weight.

Thin Veneer saws cut the full bed depth stone to an average thickness of 1 3/8 inches.

Venture Stone designed a custom wash rack to remove dust or residue.

We wash every piece of thin veneer before it is palletized.

The wash rack doubles as a measuring device to ensure proper square footage.

Thin veneer is carefully sorted and palletized according to shape.

Montana Moss Rock Thin Veneer Natural Shapes

This is a very colorful sandstone veneer, hand cut to between 1” and 1.5” in thickness. The natural shapes of this pattern make for an impressive rustic look.  

Montana Moss Rock Blocky Thin Veneer

Colorful lichen blankets this sandstone, from the wind swept hills of central Montana. Only the best pieces become thin veneer, based on color shape and size. A hand cut Blocky pattern is both contemporary and rustic. Using both sides of the stone adds color to the thin veneer patterns creating a beautiful natural look like no other.

Smith River Blend

Hand cut from the edges of chopped sandstone, the Smith River Blend Thin Veneer is comprised of an array of browns and tans. With its squares and rectangles pattern it is very contemporary yet rustically beautiful stone. Any project will be brought to life by the warmth of this stone